Which pathological conditions can cause heart murmurs quizlet?

Which pathologic conditions can cause heart murmurs?

Causes of heart murmurs

Valvular heart disease is the most common cause of a heart murmur. Valve stenosis – a narrow, tight, stiff valve, limiting forward flow of blood. Valve regurgitation – a valve that does not close completely, allowing backward flow (a “leaky” valve).

Which pathologic conditions can cause heart murmurs quizlet?

Which pathologic conditions can cause heart murmurs? Turbulent blood flow and collision currents can cause heart murmurs. A murmur is a gentle blowing swooshing sound that can be heard in the chest wall. Structural defects in the valves such as regurgitant valves can cause heart murmurs.

What causes a heart murmur quizlet?

– heart murmurs are sounds transmitted through the chest wall that are heard with a stethoscope; they are caused by turbulent blood flow through the heart or great vessels. – most commonly, they are caused by heart valve deformities, valve dysfunction, or defects in the heart wall.

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What causes a heart murmur?

Heart murmurs usually result from an abnormal blood flow through the heart. A heart valve that’s not working correctly typically causes the murmur sound. Heart murmurs are classified as either “innocent” or “abnormal.” Innocent heart murmurs aren’t dangerous and generally require no medical intervention.

How do you fix a heart murmur?

Treatment depends on the heart condition causing the murmur and may include medications or surgery.

Valve replacement

  1. Open-heart surgery. This is the main treatment for severe valve stenosis. …
  2. Ross procedure. …
  3. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).


Do heart murmurs make you tired?

People with an abnormal heart murmur may have symptoms of the problem causing the murmur. Symptoms can include: Feeling weak or tired. Shortness of breath, especially with exercise.

Which condition can cause a wide split in the second heart sound quizlet?

Wide splitting can be caused by delayed closure of the pulmonic vaive (as in pulmonic stenosis or right bundle branch block.) Right bundle branch block also causes splitting of S1 into its mitral and tricuspid components.

What is the function of Chordae Tendineae quizlet?

The function of the chordae tendineae is to: pull the walls of the ventricles inward during contraction.

What positions are necessary during cardiac assessment?

Cardiac auscultation should be conducted with the patient in three positions. These are sitting up, lying on the left side, and lying on the back with the head of the bed raised 30 to 45 degrees. Murmurs and pericardial friction rubs are best heard with the patient sitting up and leaning forward.

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What valve is affected by a heart murmur?

This hardening or thickening of valves, as in mitral stenosis or aortic valve stenosis, can occur as you age. Valves may become narrowed (stenotic), making it harder for blood to flow through your heart, resulting in murmurs.

Which abnormality is likely to result in a heart murmur quizlet?

Which abnormality is likely to result in a heart murmur? Turbulent blood flow across the affected valve results in a murmur. A murmur is not a direct result of variances in blood viscosity or conductivity. Friction between the heart and pericardium may cause an audible friction rub.

What is the sound created by turbulence of blood flow through a malfunctioning heart valve?

A heart murmur is a blowing, whooshing, or rasping sound heard during a heartbeat. The sound is caused by turbulent (rough) blood flow through the heart valves or near the heart.

What does a heart murmur indicate?

A heart murmur is a whooshing, humming or rasping sound between the heartbeat sounds. This is caused by noisy blood flow within the heart. Blood can flow abnormally through the heart for many reasons, including defective valves, congenital heart disorders and anaemia.

Can you live long with a heart murmur?

Living with a heart murmur

If you or your child has an innocent heart murmur, you can live a completely normal life. It will not cause you any problems and is not a sign of an issue with your heart. If you have a murmur along with any of the following symptoms, see your doctor: You are very tired.

Can stress cause a heart murmur?

Although typically not listed as a cause, according to the Better Health Channel, emotional stress can increase blood flow and interfere with the force of your heartbeat. And this can potentially cause a physiologic heart murmur.

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