How many hearts do you start out with in Skyward Sword?

Skyward Sword features 24 Heart Pieces scattered across the land and sky, offering 6 additional Heart Containers to Link’s total health. This, combined with the 6 starting hearts and the 6 Heart Containers acquired from various bosses, allows Link to have 18 hearts.

How many hearts can you have in Skyward Sword?

There are a total of 24 Heart Pieces in Skyward Sword, making up a total of 6 extra Heart Containers. You’ll find the locations for all 24 Pieces of Heart, cataloged by area, below (two Hearts are gained from equipping Life Medals, which brings the total to 20 Hearts).

What do the medals do in Skyward Sword?

In Skyward Sword, each Medal gives Link various enhancements when equipped in the Adventure Pouch. They are usually found in Goddess Cube Chests, or can be purchased from Beedle after upgrading the Wallet. Medals either passively boost Link’s abilities or alter the results of things appearing in the Overworld.

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How long does it take to beat Skyward Sword?

You may have heard that Skyward Sword is the most lengthy Zelda game yet, easily spanning 30+ hours and considerably more if you want to do and see everything.

How many Goddess Cubes are in Skyward Sword?

Goddess Cubes are all over the world of Skyward Sword, and IGN Guides has found them all! See the locations of all 27 Goddess Cubes, the chests they open and what’s inside.

Where is the knight commander?

The Commander is in the Sparring Hall behind the Knight Academy in Skyloft.

Where do you get monster horns in Skyward Sword?

  1. Locations.
  2. Skyloft.
  3. Thunderhead.
  4. Faron Woods (Location)
  5. Eldin Volcano (Location)
  6. Lanayru Desert (Location)
  7. The Surface.
  8. Knight Academy.

Where do you get bottles in Skyward Sword?

Skyward Sword Bottles

  • Location: Potion Shop. Available: After Zelda disappears. …
  • Location: Sealed Temple. Available: After reaching the Sealed Temple. …
  • Location: Skyloft. Available: After completing Orielle’s sidequest. …
  • Location: Fire Sanctuary. Available: After obtaining the Mogma Mitts. …
  • Location: Thunderhead. Available: While finding Eldin.

What does a life Medal do?

The Life Medal adds a single Heart Container to your life bar at the expense of an Adventure Pouch space. It’s most useful for bosses, but with enough Adventure Pouch spaces you can easily have it equipped for the whole game. There are two Life Medals in the game, completing the maximum of 20 Heart Containers.

How do you get a bigger pouch in Skyward Sword?

1) You can purchase 3 Adventure Pouch Upgrades from Beedle’s Shop repeatedly, but the price doubles for each upgrade you buy. 2) You can get an Adventure Pouch Upgrade from Goddess Cube 1 in Faron Woods. The Goddess Cube will activate a chest on Pumpkin Island.

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What happens if you open the chest in Batreaux house?

Once the hero has collected a certain number of Gratitude Crystals, a treasure chest will appear in Batreaux’s House. Batreaux warns Link that the contents inside the chest are very dangerous. If Link ignores what he says and opens it anyways, he will obtain the Cursed Medal.

What is the longest Zelda game?

1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This sprawling open-world giant is, unsurprisingly, the longest game to beat.

Link actually dies at the hands of Demise, Game Over, and since Skyward Sword is the first in the chronology then no other Legend of Zelda games ever happen afterward.

How long does it take to 100 Skyward Sword?

Normal mode will take you around the 50 hour mark, and then a similar time to overcome the challenge of hero mode with your improved skills. Add the boss challenge, and this game provides well up to and beyond the said 100 hours.

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