How do you make a heart shaped box?

How do you make a heart shaped box at home?

DIY Heart Shaped Valentine Box with Recycled Cardboard

  1. DIY Heart Shaped Valentine Box.
  2. Cut out a heart from box cardboard.
  3. Trace the first heart and cut out an identical.
  4. Cut cardboard strips the desired thickness of your box.
  5. Roll the cardboard strips.
  6. You want the cardboard to be curved.
  7. Glue strips to edge of one heart.
  8. Glue second heart in place and add a closing flap.

What can I put in a heart shaped box?

Heart Shaped Box Gift Ideas

  1. Edible treats. The top of many people’s list for Valentine’s gifts are of the edible variety. …
  2. Photos. Take a cherished photo or take a new one, and put it in a heart-shaped photo frame. …
  3. Jewelry. …
  4. Gift basket. …
  5. Scented soaps. …
  6. Romantic bedroom. …
  7. Trinket/jewelry box. …
  8. More Ideas for Valentines.


How do you wrap a heart shaped box?

Trace your box on the paper and cut out the heart shape. Step 5. Using a glue stick, glue the edge of the cut out heart and place it on top of the box, finishing your wrapping.

How do you make a heart shaped paper gift box?

The trick to making the box is to always keep the fold of the tab on the side piece right up against the edge of the heart, and to glue small amounts together at a time. Put a little hot glue at the end of the tab, and glue this to the bottom of the heart, making sure the fold is right against the edge of the heart.

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How much is a love box?

The Lovebox costs $100, 100 euros or AU$155 and can be ordered on the Lovebox website.

How do you cut a heart out in a row?

Hold the folded strip firmly and cut carefully around the heart outline. Do not cut along the folds. Unfold the paper strip to reveal your chain of hearts. Tape two or more chains of hearts together to form longer chains.

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