How do you get a heart scale in fire red?

What is a heart scale in Pokemon Fire Red?

The Heart Scale is a scale commonly found on Luvdisc. From Generation III to Generation VII (with the exception of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen), Heart Scales are used as currency for the Move Reminder’s services, at a rate of one scale per move.

What does the heart scale evolve?

The only Pokemon that need the Heart Scale to evolve are Piloswine and Poipole.

What is a heart scale?

Heart Scales are rare items that are used to teach Pokemon moves they may have forgotten, and moves that the Pokemon has yet to learn. … The Move Reminder will let you see a list of every move that Pokemon could have ever naturally learned at lower levels as well as every move it can learn if leveled up.

How do you get heart scales in Hgss?

You can get them from wild luvdisc (50% chance), rock smash, pickup, and pokeathalon dome on wed and sun. You can also get them from Beautiful Beach, Warm Beach, Stormy Beach, and Quiet Cave in the pokewalker.

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Where is the heart scale in Oreburgh city?

go to Oreburgh city and go to the spot where there are all the conveyor belts are carrying coal. then on the left there is a stack of rock, go and there and keep on looking at the stack and pressing a in diff spots and you will find a heart scale!

What is the heart scale for in Emerald?

Effect. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and all games from Generation IV to Generation VII, it can be given to a Move Reminder to teach one move to one Pokémon.

How do you get heart scales in Pokemon Emerald?

Go underwater and use itemfinder or find luvdisc (in the pond in ever grande city) and use thief and you can get a heart scale.

What level does Poipole evolve?

Poipole is Level 20 when acquired, and will evolve into Naganadel after learning the move Dragon Pulse and leveling up one level once the move is learned. To learn Dragon Pulse, take Poipole to the Pokemon Center and speak with the man on the left – you can have it remember the move Dragon Pulse this way!

Where do I get heart scales in Black 2?


  • If you go to the place with the flying gym there will be someone there in the house to the right of the pokecentre who will teach your pokemon level up moves for all levels below their current level. …
  • You can give one to the move relearner then he’ll let you remember one of your pokemons forgotten moves.
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How do you get a heart scale in Pokemon Black 2?

There is a woman in Driftveil City in the southwest building who will ask to see a pokemon with a certain TM move learned. Usually the TMs are easily found and many pokemon can learn them. She’ll give you a heart scale as a reward. This can be done once a day.

How do you get a heart scale on moon?

To ensure you have enough Heart Scales to last, you’ll want to grab a fishing rod and hit the seas. When fishing, you’ll sometimes pull up items like Heart Scales, and if you head to the Melemele Sea or Route 9, you can fish up Luvdisc holding them. Catch these Pokemon or use the Thief move to steal their held item.

Where is the heart scale on Route 32?

Just figured I’d put this here for all who care to know, but there is an easy Heart Scale on Route 32, (between Violet and Union Cave), on the little bridge with all the fisherman. Check the smallest rock near the pillar of the Magnet Train, in the water. Dowse for help.

What are Dragon Heart scales used for in Skyrim?

Heartscales can be acquired both before accepting, and after completing the “Alteration Ritual Spell” quest. Outside of the quest, however, they serve no purpose, other than as a display item or to be sold for profit.

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