Frequent question: Which is the largest lymphatic duct?

Which of the following is the largest diameter lymphatic duct of the body?


Question Answer
The _____ _____ is the largest lymphatic vessel. thoracic duct
The thoracic duct begins just inferior to the diaphragm as a rounded saclike structure called the _____ _____. cisterna chyli

How big is the thoracic duct?

The thoracic duct is 38 to 45 centimeters long and 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter. It runs from the superior aspect of the cisterna chyli, a lymph sac at the L2 vertebral level, to the lower cervical spine.

What is the difference between the thoracic duct and the right lymphatic duct?

The lymphatic vessels return the lymph to the venous system via two main channels: The right lymphatic duct drains the right thorax, upper limb, head and neck. The thoracic duct drains all lymph from the lower half of the body. … It becomes the thoracic duct as it ascends through the diaphragm at the level of T12.

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What are the two major lymphatic ducts?

Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the thoracic duct is the larger of the two lymph ducts of the lymphatic system. It is also known as the left lymphatic duct, alimentary duct, chyliferous duct, and Van Hoorne’s canal. The other duct is the right lymphatic duct.

What is the body’s largest lymphatic organ?

Spleen: This largest lymphatic organ is located on your left side under your ribs and above your stomach. The spleen filters and stores blood and produces white blood cells that fight infection or disease.

What color is lymph fluid?

Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid made of: White blood cells, especially lymphocytes, the cells that attack bacteria in the blood.

What part of the body does the thoracic duct collect lymph from?

The thoracic duct drains the lymph from 75% of the body, aside from the right upper right limb, right breast, right lung and right side of the head and neck (which are drained by the right lymphatic duct).

What areas of the body does the thoracic duct drain?

The thoracic duct drains the lower extremities, pelvis, abdomen, left side of the thorax, left upper extremity, and left side of the head and neck. It originates at the cisterna chyli (when present) and terminates at the junction of the left subclavian and left internal jugular veins.

Is there a right thoracic duct?

The right lymphatic duct, also called the right thoracic duct, is about 1.25 cm long. It drains lymphatic fluid from the right thoracic cavity (this is the section of the trunk on the upper right side), the right arm, and from the right side of the neck and the head.

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Does everyone have a right lymphatic duct?

The right lymphatic duct is an important lymphatic vessel that drains the right upper quadrant of the body.

Right lymphatic duct
System Lymphatic system
Source right jugular trunk
Drains to internal jugular vein

What drains lymph from the head and neck?

The deep (cervical) lymph nodes receive all of the lymph from the head and neck – either directly or indirectly via the superficial lymph nodes. They are organised into a vertical chain, located within close proximity to the internal jugular vein within the carotid sheath.

Where do the two large lymphatic ducts empty?

The lymph trunks drain into the lymph ducts, which in turn return lymph to the blood by emptying into the respective subclavian veins. There are two lymph ducts in the body: the right lymph duct and the thoracic duct.

What are the 5 lymph trunks?

There are four pairs of lymph trunks: jugular lymph trunks, subclavian lymph trunks, bronchomediastinal lymph trunks, and lumbar lymph trunks. In addition, the intestinal lymph trunk is unpaired.

What are the 6 lymphatic organs?

Lymphoid organs

  • Bone marrow. Bone marrow is a sponge-like tissue found inside the bones. …
  • Thymus. The thymus is located behind the breastbone above the heart. …
  • Lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small bean-shaped tissues found along the lymphatic vessels. …
  • Spleen. …
  • Tonsils. …
  • Mucous membranes.


How do you keep the lymphatic system healthy?

Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Eat a healthy diet rich in alkaline foods and vegetables that provide a full range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  3. Include healthy fats in your diet.
  4. Exercise daily, including both aerobic and anaerobic physical activity.
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