What is the importance of the left main stem artery?

Left main coronary artery disease is of particular importance because left main stem (LMS) is responsible for 84% of the blood supplied to left ventricle in case of left coronary dominant system [1].

Why left coronary artery is important?

The left main coronary artery supplies blood to the left side of the heart muscle (the left ventricle and left atrium). The left main coronary divides into branches: The left anterior descending artery branches off the left coronary artery and supplies blood to the front of the left side of the heart.

Can the left main artery be stented?

Determining When Left Main Stenting is the Best Option

Left main coronary artery stenting is typically suitable for patients who are at high risk for surgical complications or have comorbidities.

What is left main coronary artery stenosis?

Left main coronary artery (LMCA) stenosis is a relatively infrequent but important cause of symptomatic coronary artery disease. Multiple studies have found LMCA stenosis to be an independent indicator of increased morbidity and mortality rates among patients with coronary artery disease.

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What is left main PCI?

In the United States, PCI is a class IIa indication in select patients with isolated left main stenosis involving the ostium or shaft without coexisting multivessel disease. It is a class IIb indication in patients with disease involving distal bifurcation or with less complex coexisting multivessel disease.

Which coronary artery is most important?

The heart’s three coronary arteries are not all equal. The most important artery is called the left anterior descending artery (LAD). It feeds blood to the whole front wall of the heart, which represents much more muscle than the area fed by either of the other two coronary arteries.

Which coronary artery is most commonly blocked?

Importance in cardiovascular diseases:

The LAD artery is the most commonly occluded of the coronary arteries. It provides the major blood supply to the interventricular septum, and thus bundle branches of the conducting system.

What happens if the left coronary artery is blocked?

A completely blocked coronary artery will cause a heart attack. The classic signs and symptoms of a heart attack include crushing pressure in your chest and pain in your shoulder or arm, sometimes with shortness of breath and sweating.

Can I live a normal life with a stent?

It’s important to remember that you can live a full and active life with a coronary stent. You can find some general guidelines about returning to working, resuming your everyday activities and making some heart-healthy lifestyle changes below.

Can a person live with one blocked artery?

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is treatable, but there is no cure. This means that once diagnosed with CAD, you have to learn to live with it for the rest of your life. By lowering your risk factors and losing your fears, you can live a full life despite CAD.

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What happens when an artery is 100 blocked?

When one or more of the coronary arteries suddenly becomes completely blocked, a heart attack (injury to the heart muscle) may occur. If the blockage occurs more slowly, the heart muscle may develop small collateral blood vessels (or detours) for other coronary arteries to reroute the blood flow, and angina occurs.

What artery is the widow maker?

The widow-maker is a massive heart attack that occurs when the left anterior descending artery (LAD) is totally or almost completely blocked. The critical blockage in the artery stops, usually a blood clot, stops all the blood flow to the left side of the heart, causing the heart to stop beating normally.

Can you live with a 100 percent blocked artery?

Today, we have more treatment options. We can sometimes go around the blockage or work backward through the heart. We’re now seeing success rates of 90% to 95%. If you are told that you have an artery that is 100% blocked, it’s important to know that it can be treated.

Is Left main disease hereditary?

Abstract. As a particular severe phenotype of coronary artery disease (CAD), left main coronary artery disease (LMCAD) is heritable. Genetic variants related to prostaglandin metabolism are associated with LMCAD.

What is left main heart disease?

Left main disease occurs with other coronary artery disease in 80% of patients. Stenosis occurs in the distal left main artery in two thirds of cases and proximally in the other third. Bifurcation stenoses were more likely to be more severe than other types of left main lesions.

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What does unprotected left main disease mean?

unprotected left main disease (also called ULMD) refers to patients without bypass to the left coronary circulation 2. distal bifurcation disease refers to lesions involving the origins of the left anterior descending and left circumflex arteries (also called left main equivalent disease) 1.

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