What does Old World materials Code vein do?

Old-world Materials is an Item in Code Vein. Items are used for a variety of purposes, such as consumable buffs, key items, and as upgrade materials. Items can be looted from Enemies and/or Bosses, chests, given by NPCs, and are sold by Merchants.

Where do I use Old World materials Code vein?

How to Use Old World Materials in Code Vein

  • Go to the Ruined City Underground Area.
  • Spawn at the Outer Crossroads Mistle.
  • Straight ahead you’ll see a Revenant named Shang. Talk to him.
  • Shang will let you exchange Old World Materials for a variety of valuables.


What gifts do you give Yakumo?

Code Vein Valuables Gift Giving Guide

Valuable Gift Name Davis Yakumo
Antique LP Record 5 3
Aromatic Herbs 1 2
Blood Bead Candy 3 3
Board Game 1 3

What should I exchange in code vein?

Code Vein exchange items

  • 35mm Reel – Yakumo, Io, Jack (Exchange points – 3)
  • Aged Brandy – Yakumo, Jack (Trading Points – 5)
  • Antique Coin – Jack (Exchange Points – 5)
  • Antique LP – Davis (Trading Points – 5)
  • Aromatic Herbs – Mia, Coco (Exchange Points – 5)
  • Blood Bead Candy – (Trading Points – 3)
  • Board Game – Muasame (Trading Points – 5)
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What can you do with old world materials?

So once you’ve got your stock of Old World Materials, what do you do with them? You can trade them with a specific NPC in exchange for Valuables, gifts that you can offer to your allies in the Home Base in exchange for a variety of perks and items. The Ruined City Underground is one of the earlier maps of the game.

Where can I get yellowed book Code vein?

Yellowed Book Locations

Occasionally dropped by enemies and scattered in random locations. Area D-12 Ruined City Underground: After encountering a group of enemies: 1x Sword-wielding Lost, 1x Axe-wielding Lost and 1x Bayonet-wielding Lost. On the corner of the room you can find 1x Queen Iron.

How many gifts do you get in code vein?

You can equip up to eight gifts at a time (and the gifts you equip, as well as their layout in the menu, can be different for each blood code). You’ll unlock additional gifts for each blood code by progressing in the game, defeating certain enemies, or finding additional vestiges.

What can I trade with Yakumo code vein?

Yakumo Shinonome is a Companion in Code Vein. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world.

Yakumo Shinonome Trading Item Value.

Trade Item Name Trade Points Obtained
Fragrant Tea 1
Antique LP Record 3
Boutique Sake 5
Chocolate Garlic Flakes 1

What is the best blood veil in code vein?

Best Blood Veils in Code Vein

  • GXH Assault. An all-rounder with solid stats for both melee and caster characters, the GXH Assault is a Veil that’s all about using Gifts to their full potential. …
  • Venous Claw. …
  • Night Spear.
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Is there romance in code vein?

There does not appear to be romance in Code Vein. … So while there is no indication of romantic options in Code Vein, you can befriend the characters for higher quality items.

Can you give items to other players code vein?

In Code Vein, players are allowed to gift valuables to other characters, this allows them to get affinity points. You can trade your valuables in exchange for valuables own by other NPC’s, these valuables/gifts will help you during your battles in Code Vein.

How do you beat the Code vein?

10 essential Code Vein tips you should know before you play

  1. Use magic, because holy crap. …
  2. You can combo into modified drain attacks. …
  3. Revisit old maps after every major boss, and complete NPC quests ASAP. …
  4. Clear your Depths maps immediately for loot and Vestiges. …
  5. Keep your partner alive. …
  6. If your partner tells you not to fight something, fight it immediately.


What is the best weapon in code vein?

Our best weapon choice in Code Vein is two handed sword. It has insane damage and stagger values. You’re able to smash the opponent with your giant sword and can easily stagger your opponent. It has a great range on all the attacks.

Where can I farm Queen steel Code vein?

Queen Steel can be farmed in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Head to the Gated Room Mistle and look for a long strait with two knights patrolling. They have a chance to drop Queen Steel so kill them quickly, return to the Mistle and repeat.

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