What do the different color blood vials mean?

The tests each bottle is used for are the same: the purple one is for cell count, the yellow one is for electrolytes, albumin and LDH, the grey one is for glucose, and blood culture bottles can be used for fluid cultures.

What blood tube colors are for which test?

Blood Collection Tubes

Tube cap color Additive Common laboratory tests
Lavender or pink Potassium EDTA Hematology and blood bank
Gray Sodium fluoride, and sodium or potassium oxalate Glucose (especially when testing will be delayed), blood alcohol, lactic acid

What color tube is used for whole blood?

Send whole blood in a yellow-top tube. Royal blue-top tube: Contains sodium EDTA for trace metal studies.

What do the color codes on the stoppers of blood collection tubes indicate?

Vacutainer tubes have a color-coded plastic cap. The color code of the caps indicates the blood additives the tube contains. Additives are chemical substances that preserve the blood for processing in the laboratory. The additives include anticoagulants like EDTA, Sodium citrate and Heparin.

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Why are the tubes color-coded?

Vacutainer tubes are covered with a Color-coded plastic cap that indicates which additives the tube contains. These color indicators help the phlebotomist to easily select the tubes in which the blood should be drawn as per the tests that have to be performed.

What color tube is used for syphilis?

Obtain 5-10 ml of blood from the patient using standard venipuncture technique. Collect the blood into an anticoagulant free (i.e. “clot”) tube or serum separator tube (SST). Plasma (purple top tube) may be used up to 48 hrs.

What is a purple blood test for?

The tests each bottle is used for are the same: the purple one is for cell count, the yellow one is for electrolytes, albumin and LDH, the grey one is for glucose, and blood culture bottles can be used for fluid cultures.

What is the purple top tube used for?

Lavender-top tube (EDTA): Tube contains EDTA as an anticoagulant. This tube is used for preparing EDTA plasma, whole blood, and bone marrow specimens. Note: Tube should be inverted several times immediately after blood collection to prevent coagulation.

Which blood tube is drawn first?

Standard order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, red, light blue, SST (Gold), green, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube must be drawn first. or incubation conditions. incubation may be required.

What is a pink top blood test?

Pink. • Spray-coated K2EDTA (plastic) 8 For whole blood hematology determinations. May be used for routine immunohematology testing and blood donor screening.

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Can you run a CBC on a pink top?

Specimen requirements for blood typing and antibody screen

We recommend that our clients collect a pink top tube (EDTA) whenever ordering blood typing studies in addition to a lavender top tube (EDTA) for CBC and other laboratory testing.

What color tubes are typically spun down?

The main difference between the two colors is that the pink top tubes are generally bigger, and get spun down in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the cells. The pink tubes are primarily used in the blood bank, because we run tests on both the cell part and the plasma part of the blood.

What color tube is lipid panel?

ORDERING INFORMATION: Geisinger Epic Procedure Code: LAB2613 Geisinger Epic ID: 6311
Specimen type: Plasma or serum
Preferred collection container: Stat/Line draws: 3 mL green/yellow-top (plasma separator) tube Routine requests/off-site specimens: 3.5 mL gold-top (serum separator) tube

What is red vacutainer used for?

Types of tubes

Tube cap color or type Additive
Blood culture bottle Sodium polyanethol sulfonate (anticoagulant) and growth media for microorganisms
Light blue Sodium citrate (anticoagulant)
Plain red No additive
Gold Clot activator and serum separating gel

Which color coded tube does not contain any additives?

Cards In This Set

Front Back
Which color-coded tube does not contain any additives? Red,glass tube
EDTA prevents coagulation in blood tubes by Binding calcium
Tubes with gray tops are used for Glucose tolerance tests
Tubes with green tops may contain Sodium heparin

What does a gold top blood test look for?

TB Quantiferon gold test (mycobacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis mtb latent igra gamma interferon) This is a whole-blood test for use as an aid in diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, including latent tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis disease.

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