What are the bundles of heart muscles called?

muscle fibres (known as the bundle of His) running along the muscular partition between the left and right chambers of the heart. He found that these fibres help communicate a single rhythm of contraction to all parts of the heart.

What are bundles of heart muscle?

The atrioventricular bundle (bundle of His) is a continuation of the specialised tissue of the AV node, and serves to transmit the electrical impulse from the AV node to the Purkinje fibres of the ventricles.

What is the difference between the bundle of His and Purkinje fibers?

The key difference between Bundle of His and Purkinje Fibres is that Bundle of His is a collection of specialized heart muscle cells for electrical conduction while Purkinje fibres are thin filaments originating from the left posterior fascicle and left anterior fascicles that help in distributing impulses to the …

What is the bundle of his also known as?

The short bundle of specialized heart muscle fibres that conducts electrical impulses from the ATRIOVENTRICULAR NODE to the conducting bundle that splits at the top of the interventricular septum. Also known as the atrioventricular bundle.

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Where is the AV bundle in the heart?

In the normal heart, the AV node is located in the triangle of Koch. This triangular area is located on the septal wall of the right atrium, between the tricuspid valve, coronary sinus orifice, and tendon of Todaro, and marks the site of the AV node.

What are the 4 stages of heart failure?

There are four stages of heart failure – stage A, B, C and D – which range from ‘high risk of developing heart failure’ to ‘advanced heart failure’.

What are bundle branches of the heart?

The bundle branches, or Tawara branches, are offshoots of the bundle of His in the heart’s ventricle. They play an integral role in the electrical conduction system of the heart by transmitting cardiac action potentials from the bundle of His to the Purkinje fibers.

Can the bundle of his sustain life?

In the absence of both nodal pacemakers, the Bundle of His and Purkinje Fibres can fire at 15-40 impulses/min. This rate is unable to sustain life for long.

Why is it called a bundle of his?

These specialized muscle fibers in the heart were named after the Swiss cardiologist Wilhelm His Jr., who discovered them in 1893.

Why is it called Purkinje fibers?

Purkinje fibers are named after a Czech (country in Western Europe) scientist Jan Evangelista Purkyně, who discovered them in 1839.

What is a myogenic heart?

The contraction of the heart is myogenic – meaning that the signal for cardiac compression arises within the heart tissue itself. In other words, the signal for a heart beat is initiated by the heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) rather than from brain signals.

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What is Bachmann’s bundle?

Bachmann’s bundle (BB), also known as the interatrial bundle, is well recognized as a muscular bundle comprising of parallel aligned myocardial strands connecting the right and left atrial walls and is considered to be the main pathway of interatrial conduction.

What are the Purkinje fibers?

Purkinje fibers are part of the specialized conduction network of the heart that ensures that the wave of excitation spreads rapidly and almost synchronously to the ventricular muscle mass.

What happens if bundle of his stops working?

If there is a block in one of these branches, the electrical impulse must travel to the ventricle by a different route. When this happens, the rate and rhythm of your heartbeat are not affected, but the impulse is slowed. Your ventricle will still contract, but it will take longer because of the slowed impulse.

What is the unique characteristics of AV bundle?

A unique and important feature of the AV bundle is that it only allows the ‘forward’ movement of action potentials. Therefore, the retrograde transmission of electrical impulses from the ventricles to the atria is not allowed in a normal functioning heart.

How the heart contracts step by step?

When the SA node sends an electrical impulse, it triggers the following process:

  1. The electrical signal travels from your SA node through muscle cells in your right and left atria.
  2. The signal triggers the muscle cells that make your atria contract.
  3. The atria contract, pumping blood into your left and right ventricles.
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