Quick Answer: Where can you still purchase the conversation hearts?

For those of you who can’t go a year without your Sweethearts, you can still purchase them online. Amazon and eBay are both selling boxes and bags of the candy hearts.

Are Conversation Hearts discontinued?

Sweethearts, the conversation heart candy, is missing from shelves this Valentine’s season after its original producer went out of business last year. … The popularity of the candy didn’t keep its original producer, New England Confectionary Company, also known as Necco, from going out of business in July.

Did Brach’s change their conversation hearts 2020?

According to Spangler’s CEO, these hearts will make a comeback in 2020. In the meantime, there’s always generic conversation hearts like Brach’s version available at Walmart for $3.

Does Walmart sell conversation hearts?

Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts Candy, 18 Oz. – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Why did they change conversation hearts?

The company decided to invest in a new printer, but the replacement printing equipment was damaged during production, and Spangler could not get it fixed completely. For consumers, that means more conversation hearts than usual will be silent.

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What happened to the original conversation hearts?

In 2018, Sweethearts was acquired by Spangler Candy, which has been a part of America’s candy culture and heritage for 114 years. As a century-old candy maker, Spangler certainly knew how important this brand is.

Will there be conversation hearts in 2021?

Conversation hearts are back in high quantity and they have their sayings back just in time for Valentine’s Day 2021. Each of the boxes has all of the classic flavors like lemon, apple, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape and orange.

How long do Conversation Hearts last?

“They’re the candy corn of Valentine’s Day,” she said. “And the story goes that they never expire.” The candy’s two main ingredients are sugar and corn syrup. If stored properly, the hearts can last a couple of years before they lose color or flavor.

Why are there no conversation hearts this year?

The candy hearts will still be in shorter supply this year than they have been in the past – and hopefully will be in future: “Based on consumer response and the technical challenges, we are not going to be able to meet all of the consumer demand for 2020,” Spangler spokeswoman Diana Moore Eschhofen told CNBC.

How many hearts are in a box of conversation hearts?

Pack Specifications-

Display box contains 24 packs of Brach’s Conversation Hearts Candy.

What flavors are Brach’s Conversation Hearts?

Brach’s conversation hearts:

Flavors: Wintergreen, banana, orange, lemon, cherry and grape.

Why did candy hearts go out of business?

According to The Boston Globe, Necco, the brand that makes them, had its factory suddenly shut down after being sold to another candy manufacturer. This content is imported from Instagram. … In May, Necco was bought out by Round Hill Investments LLC during a bankruptcy auction for 17.3 million dollars, per The Globe.

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Do they still make sweetheart candies?

The beloved candy was absent last year after it changed ownership to Spangler Candy, perhaps best known as the producer of Dum Dum lollipops, in Fall 2018; the timing of the sale prevented the company from being able to produce Sweethearts in time for Valentine’s Day, much to the disappointment of candy hearts …

Are they still making Necco wafers?

Necco Wafers were first produced in 1847 and were considered by the company to be its core product. Production of the candy went on hiatus in July 2018, and returned in May 2020.

Are sweetheart candies back?

Sweethearts Candies can be purchased nationwide at major grocery and drug stores. … In 2020, Spangler was able to return Sweethearts to store shelves after a major effort to relocate equipment, find the original recipe and bring back the classic colors, texture and taste of Sweethearts Candies to generations of fans.

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