How many endings does hearts of stone have?

Hearts Of Stone was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s first expansion and features two different endings.

Does hearts of stone have different endings?

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone game doesn’t have many endings – the main storyline ends always in the same place, where Olgierd von Everec or Gaunter O’Dimm will say goodbye to this world.

What is the good ending in hearts of stone?

There are two distinct endings to choose from; one involves O’Dimm taking the soul of Olgierd; whereas, the other has Geralt outsmarting the Man of Glass. The latter is generally considered the morally ‘good’ ending, but both are well-written and brilliantly executed.

Does geralt kill Gaunter DIMM?

If Geralt chooses to save Olgierd:

Geralt, who has always had a keen mind for such puzzles, soon found the solution and defeated Gaunter O’Dimm.

Is olgierd a bad guy?

Here’s the thing, Olgierd was bad, but is he the worst person in the Witcher universe? Absolutely not. Mind you, the bad ending isn’t just him dying, it’s his soul being imprisoned and tortured for eternity.

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Is Ciri in hearts of stone?

No she isn’t, but get HOS, it’s definitely WORTH IT!

Should u help olgierd?

It is a good idea to pick it up as it’s a unique sword from the Serpent School Gear – the Viper Venomous Silver Sword. … As reward for helping in defeating O’Dimm, Olgierd will give you one of the best swords in the game – Iris’ saber.

How do I kill olgierd?

The best way to deal with Olgierd Von Everec is to counter his attacks and use the opening to unleash your attack combo. You can counter most of his attacks like his straight charging attack and his last attack when his sword glows red after a combo.

What level should I be for hearts of stone?

If you’ve not got one, then the game will helpfully create one for you within the New Game section of the menu. Note, however, that you should aim for a recommended level of 32 before getting stuck into the new content – 64 for New Game Plus.

Is Gaunter Odimm evil?

Gaunter O’Dimm’s deals have always, besides taking souls, something of a deal with the devil about them. Everything he does aims to generate misery, despair and pain to the soul, as if it was something he draws power from. So yeah, Gaunter O’Dimm is not ‘just evil’.

What is the answer to Geralt’s riddle?

Had to look it up, and apparently the real answer is “your breath”.

Is Gaunter O DIMM a God?

Gaunter O’Dim is an alien other-dimensional horror more powerful than a demon or Djinn but similar to them in some respects. In short, he’s not the Devil but he might as well be. The same with Q in Star Trek. He’s not God but he’s close.

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Is Gaunter O DIMM the strongest?

Gaunter O’Dimm would be considered the strongest in the entirety of the game, living Milennia and being able to stop time. From there I believe we could say higher vampires, and yes this is over Dragons, due to the fact that Regis confides that only other Higher Vampires can kill one another for good.

Who can defeat Gaunter O DIMM?

If you discount beating Gaunter at his own game like Geralt did, then the only in-universe being that could maybe defeat him in a direct confrontation would be Ciri.

Who actually is Gaunter O DIMM?

Gaunter O’Dimm, also known as Master Mirror and Man of Glass, has been known to bargain with men for their souls, granting them unbelievably powerful wishes in exchange for grim and horrifying offerings.

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