Does brachs make conversation hearts?

Enjoy Brach’s® festive and timeless Tiny Conversation Heart candies with flirtatious phrases like “Crazy 4 U” and “One & Only” printed on each piece. Popular, sweet flavors include lemon, banana, cherry, grape, orange, and wintergreen.

Did Brach’s change their conversation hearts 2020?

According to Spangler’s CEO, these hearts will make a comeback in 2020. In the meantime, there’s always generic conversation hearts like Brach’s version available at Walmart for $3.

What company makes conversation hearts?

Sweethearts were made by the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco, before being purchased by the Spangler Candy Company in 2018. They were also previously made by the Stark Candy Company. Necco manufactured nearly 8 billion Sweethearts per year.

Why are Brach’s Conversation Hearts different?

The differences start with aesthetics. NECCO takes the gold in this category. The Brach’s Conversation Hearts have a greater width making them look more generic and almost like their shape has been a mistake. The second difference is consistency; this award goes to Brach’s.

Are Conversation Hearts discontinued?

Sweethearts, the conversation heart candy, is missing from shelves this Valentine’s season after its original producer went out of business last year. … The popularity of the candy didn’t keep its original producer, New England Confectionary Company, also known as Necco, from going out of business in July.

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Why did they stop making conversation hearts?

Sweethearts conversation hearts are available for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Last year, the candies were no longer made after Necco went out of businesses. … According to Time, the timing of the sale did not allow for Spangler to produce the candy in time for Valentine’s Day last year.

Can you still buy conversation hearts?

For those of you who can’t go a year without your Sweethearts, you can still purchase them online. Amazon and eBay are both selling boxes and bags of the candy hearts.

Who makes the best conversation hearts?

Our overall winner. Conversation hearts, as we hope we’ve demonstrated, are a matter of personal taste. One taster’s floor cleaner is another taster’s favorite candy. But pressed to pick a favorite, we’d recommend the SweeTarts Hearts: readable, good for fate-faking, and unlikely to crack a tooth.

What happened to Brach’s Conversation Hearts?

Update, 1/24/19: While Necco hearts will indeed not be sold this year, there are two new Pressing Candy Updates you must know. Firstly, Fortune reports Spangler Candy Co., the company that took over the rights to Necco’s iconic brands, confirmed they’d return in 2020. Secondly, Brach’s continues to sell THE.

What happened to the original conversation hearts?

In 2018, Sweethearts was acquired by Spangler Candy, which has been a part of America’s candy culture and heritage for 114 years. As a century-old candy maker, Spangler certainly knew how important this brand is.

What flavors are the conversation hearts?

Brach’s conversation hearts:

Flavors: Wintergreen, banana, orange, lemon, cherry and grape. Sayings: “Dream date,” “love you,” “call me,” “smooches,” “BFF.”

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Are Conversation Hearts different?

“Conversation hearts are by no means a monolith,”’s marketing director Ben George told TODAY. “There are many varying types and brands that meet the basic criteria. The discerning conversation heartist will want to observe some of the key differentiating factors that separate the best from the rest.”

What does BAE mean on candy hearts?

Luckily, Brach’s has their own version of conversation hearts—with an entirely updated set of phrases. Brach’s announced that in addition to releasing classic Valentine’s Day candies this year, like Tiny Conversation Hearts and SweeTARTS Conversation Hearts, they would also have Heart 2 Heart Tiny Conversation Hearts.

How long do Conversation Hearts last?

“They’re the candy corn of Valentine’s Day,” she said. “And the story goes that they never expire.” The candy’s two main ingredients are sugar and corn syrup. If stored properly, the hearts can last a couple of years before they lose color or flavor.

How old are conversation hearts?

The story of conversation hearts began in 1847, when a Boston pharmacist named Oliver Chase longed for a way to get in on the apothecary lozenge craze. Lozenges were quickly gaining steam as the medicine conveyance of choice, and were also popular remedies for sore throats and bad breath.

Are Necco wafers coming back?

Spangler purchased the Necco Wafer brand in 2018 and after a two year absence, The Original Candy Wafer was returned to fans in the summer of 2020.

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