Best answer: Why do arteries require greater elasticity than veins?

As heart pumps out blood through arteries to different parts of the body, thereby blood flows in high pressure in arteries and can withstand ,so its more elastic than veins. … If they are not elastic than they would rupture due to pressure. For smooth functioning they are more elastic than veins.

Why do arteries require greater elasticity than veins quizlet?

differences: – walls of arteries are thicker than those of veins. the tunica media of an artery contains more smooth muscle and elastic fibers. … they are needed because the walls of arteries and veins are too thick to allow diffusion between the bloodstream and surrounding tissues.

Why do arteries need to be elastic?

Since they must receive the blood directly from the heart which pumps the blood at a pressure sufficient to enable circulation, they need thick and elastic walls to both sustain the pressure (and so keep the blood flowing) and to withstand the pressure (and not get affected by the pressure).

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Why are arteries thicker and more elastic than veins quizlet?

Arteries are under greater pressure. Arteries have less smooth muscle than veins. Arteries are under greater pressure. *Arteries are thicker and more elastic than veins because they are under greater pressure.

Why is it important for arteries to be elastic or stretchy?

Elastic arteries are those nearest the heart (aorta and pulmonary arteries) that contain much more elastic tissue in the tunica media than muscular arteries. This feature of the elastic arteries allows them to maintain a relatively constant pressure gradient despite the constant pumping action of the heart.

Do veins have a greater ability to distend than arteries?

The ability of a blood vessel wall to expand and contract passively with changes in pressure is an important function of large arteries and veins. … Second, at lower pressures (venous pressure is usually less than 15 mmHg), the compliance of a vein is about 10 to 20-times greater than an artery.

What do veins have that arteries do not quizlet?

*Veins differ from arteries in structure and function. For example, arteries are more muscular than veins, veins are often closer to the skin, and veins contain valves to help keep blood flowing toward the heart, while arteries do not have valves and carry blood away from the heart.

Which artery is most elastic?

The Aorta. Due to position as the first part of the systemic circulatory system closest to the heart and the resultant high pressures it will experience, the aorta is perhaps the most elastic artery, featuring an incredibly thick tunica media rich in elastic filaments.

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Which artery has the most blood?

The aorta (the main blood supplier to the body) branches off into two main coronary blood vessels (also called arteries). These coronary arteries branch off into smaller arteries, which supply oxygen-rich blood to the entire heart muscle. The right coronary artery supplies blood mainly to the right side of the heart.

Is the coronary artery elastic or muscular?

These arteries distribute blood to various parts of the body. These include arteries such as the femoral and coronary arteries. The walls of these arteries have lots of smooth muscle, which means that they are able to contract or relax (dilate) to change the amount of blood delivered, as needed.

Why does blood move slow in capillaries?

Blood flow is slowest in the capillaries, which allows time for exchange of gases and nutrients. … In blood vessels, most of the resistance is due to vessel diameter. As vessel diameter decreases, the resistance increases and blood flow decreases.

When comparing arteries and veins the tunica media is generally much thicker in the veins?

The tunica media is the substantial middle layer of the vessel wall (see Figure 2). It is generally the thickest layer in arteries, and it is much thicker in arteries than it is in veins.

Why is it important that arteries are thicker than veins quizlet?

Why are artery walls so much thicker than those of corresponding veins? Arteries are much closer to the pumping action of the heart and must be able to withstand the pressure fluctuations at such locations. Also they are under greater pressure.

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What are examples of elastic arteries?

Elastic arteries receive their own blood supply by the vasa vasorum unlike smaller blood vessels, which are supplied by diffusion. Examples are: aorta, brachiocephalic, common carotids, subclavian, common iliac.

What is the elasticity of blood?

Maintaining proper blood vessel elasticity is an important part of having a healthy heart. The lining of the blood vessels is called the endothelium. Oxidative stress and toxins cause the blood vessel walls to thicken, and as plaque builds up in the endothelium the blood vessels lose their elasticity.

What is the largest artery in the body?

Aorta Anatomy

The aorta is the large artery that carries oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle of the heart to other parts of the body.

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