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“Autonomy” doesn’t mean what you think it does, transplant industry

I stopped reading articles claiming to be about the ‘ethics’ of living organ donation long ago, because they all justify the systemic neglect and harm of living donors by citing “patient autonomy”. They conveniently forget that our greater responsibility is not to hurt someone: not if they put themselves in a position to be hurt, …

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Media Coverage of Living Donation

In a group (supposedly) for living organ donors, a person who serves as a kidney broker*, helping would-be recipients locate willing stranger donors, deluges the membership with the ‘happy’ donor stories so prolific in the news. One of the more recent quoted the kidney saying that donating ‘was no big deal’. I remarked with these …

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“Give Us Your Kidneys!” Says the Sunshine State

Back in 2010, California’s legislature bought into Steve Jobs’ charisma and passed the nation’s first living kidney donor registry. Not the type of registry we donor activists are fighting for, the type that would collect data about living donors’ health and well-being after donation, but a government approved list of folks who would be willing …

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If Every Transplant Center Says It, It Must Be True

Subtitle: Or it isn’t, but they say it anyway…   Recently, Google Alerts dropped the University of Wisconsin Medical Center’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Living Kidney Donor” in my lap (or inbox). The exaggerations and misleading statements on the page are worthy of multiple blog posts, but right now I want to …

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Public Kidney Donor Solicitation Redeux

Back in 2010, I talked about the ethical problems with public solicitations for kidney donors using a real world example*. I discussed the would-be recipient’s (or in this case, recipient’s family) selfishness and sense of entitlement, the complicity on the part of the transplant industry in offering workshops to teach folks how to engage in …

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