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Proposed OPTN Policies Living Donors Should Care About

I encourage everyone who’s invested in the way the US transplant system functions to review *all* the proposed policies and submit informed comments. The following are the policies which affect living donors: Revise Data Release Policy Revise KPD Priority Points Requirements for Therapeutic Organ Donation All policies and the means to submit a public comment …

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More Proposed Policies From OPTN Up for Comment

Commenting period is until December 5, 2014. Yes, any member of the public can submit comment via their online form. The first proposed policy is about informed consent for living kidney donors involved in a pair, swap, chain or bridge. See them all here: http://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/governance/public-comment/

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Latest from OPTN’s Living Donor Committee

OPTN’s Living Donor sent their latest report to OPTN’s Board of Directors a couple of weeks ago. The following are noteworthy highlights:    1. After CMS (Medicare) published the Final Rule in 2007, requiring transplant centers to provide prospective living donors with an Independent Donor Advocate, OPTN followed suit by implementing a similar policy. note: …

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Listen to OPTN’s Board of Directors Meeting, June 24

Remember all those proposed policies I’ve been haranguing y’all to submit public comment on? Well, the meeting to discuss the feedback on those policies and their adoption (or not) will be discussed at OPTN’s Board of Directors meeting on June 24-25. You can listen via the web, for free: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8249446977996406016 And here’s the agenda: http://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/downloadables/calendar/Agenda%20June%202013%20OPTN%20UNOS%20Board%20Meeting%20-FINAL5%2013%2013%20.pdf …

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Proposed Kidney Allocation and Independent Donor Advocate Policies Detrimental to Living Donors

Today we have a guest post by Jane Zill, LICSW on OPTN’s proposed policies now up for public comment:   The Board of the OPTN will vote on new allocation principles for deceased donor kidneys in June. These allocation principles will definitely impact living organ donors. I am very concerned about this and believe that …

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