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How Victims of Organ Trafficking in Bangladesh Fare

My prior post addressed how the attitudes underlying kidney markets has infiltrated our own. Today, I want to discuss how the kidney sellers fared after relinquishing their kidney: (any bolding is mine)   After the surgery, the first thing the sellers notice is the rough cut about 20¬†inches long on their bodies. The sellers are …

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Biolviolence and Organ Donation

I’d never heard the term “bioviolence” until today, when I began reading an article by¬†Monir Moniruzzaman entitled “Living Cadavers in Bangladesh”. While the article is an examination of organ trafficking in Bangladesh, its themes extend into issues regarding all forms of human organ and tissue use – and commercialization. This paragraph in particular:   In …

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Take 10 Minutes to Listen To This

Art Caplan and Nancy Schepler-Hughes talk about organ trafficking. http://www.armoudian.com/log/scholars-circle/the-scholars-circle-radio-march-23rd-2014/     Also – read how Nancy tried to tell every law enforcement and public policy agency about Rosenbaum’s kidney trafficking ring, and no one would listen here.

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Paying for Kidneys – One More Time (for the last time)

Once again, the idea of paying folks for kidneys is making the rounds of media outlets, so once again I’ll voice my well-researched and considered thoughts on the matter – probably for the last time. Any further discussion of this topic will result in a link to this very post, because I am SO TIRED …

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How Legal and Illegal Kidney Trafficking Hurts Everyone

I ran across this scholarly paper the other day, compliments of my google scholar alert. I encourage everyone to read it in its entirety. Below are some excerpts: The World Health Organization estimates that there is a kidney sold every hour illegally.   After the introduction of cyclosporine (anti-rejection medication) in the mid-70s and global …

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