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“Autonomy” doesn’t mean what you think it does, transplant industry

I stopped reading articles claiming to be about the ‘ethics’ of living organ donation long ago, because they all justify the systemic neglect and harm of living donors by citing “patient autonomy”. They conveniently forget that our greater responsibility is not to hurt someone: not if they put themselves in a position to be hurt, …

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If Every Transplant Center Says It, It Must Be True

Subtitle: Or it isn’t, but they say it anyway…   Recently, Google Alerts dropped the University of Wisconsin Medical Center’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Living Kidney Donor” in my lap (or inbox). The exaggerations and misleading statements on the page are worthy of multiple blog posts, but right now I want to …

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Bring On the Living Kidney Donation Propaganda Machine

Anyone who’s paid even a little attention to the transplant industry understands there’s a lot of questionable vocabulary around the whole thing (Donate Life, Be the Match, Give the Gift of Life, Be a Hero, etc), and those of us who live in a post-Mad Men era know that marketing is often less than truthful. …

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2011 Statistics Crunching, part deux

I’m not a marketing person. I’m trying to be a marketing person, but the going is slow and treacherous – sort of like trying to dodge dog poo piles in the back yard at night. BUT if one wishes to monetize, or prove how important/popular one is in one’s chosen field, then one must learn …

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Living Donor 101 Stats for 2011

It’s difficult to know sometimes, in this vast universe that is the internet, if I’m doing nothing but blathering to myself (On certain occasions, it’s probably better if I am). So, every month I consult my website statistics and add them to an ever-growing spread sheet for analysis. Before I focus on a new year …

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