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Overview of Living Liver Donation

The article is free and publicly available; I encourage everyone to read it in full.    …any adverse event in an altruistic donor who did not otherwise require an operation is cause for concern. Significant donor morbidity, including death, has been observed, even among the most experienced centers.   … it is impossible to make …

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Living Liver Donor Deaths are “Inevitable”

According to transplant surgeons and bioethicists at The Cleveland Clinic, it is. The first line of Miller, et al’s newly published study, “Preparing for the Inevitable: the death of a living liver donor”, reads:   Living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) is associated with a low but finite and well documented risk of donor morbidity and mortality, …

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Primum Non Nocere – by Lorraine Hawks

Gravemarker of Paul Hawks, liver donor, died 2010

I am the Lahey live donor liver widow.   Those of us left behind by the senseless death of a live liver or kidney donor; our voices must be heard. The dark side of organ donation, be it live or cadaver, is rarely made known to the public. People only want to hear the sunny …

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Kidney Donor Dies Because Surgeons Don’t Read Warning Letter

And yet another death from the Hemolock clip: Kidney-donor deaths linked to surgical clips raise issues of alerts, warnings Surgeons at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, rushed Florinda Gotcher back into the operating room. Once they opened her up again, they saw something horrible had happened: there was a pool of blood in her …

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Living Kidney Donor Dies in NY

  Montefiore live-donor transplant program shut down after donor mom dies during surgery   The woman, the mother of a two year old,  bled to death when her aorta was cut or ruptured during the operation, multiple sources said. She was trying to donate to a male relative.   On its Web page, Montefiore notes …

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