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Boston Globe Writes About Living Donor Paul Hawkes Death

[Note: To reacquaint yourself with the Paul Hawkes tragedy, scroll through the “liver donor” category, and/or search for Lahey and/or Paul Hawkes. Hawkes’ name wasn’t released to the public initially so the early coverage wouldn’t be found that way.] Below is an excerpt. I encourage a full reading at the link below:     In …

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Primum Non Nocere – by Lorraine Hawks

Gravemarker of Paul Hawks, liver donor, died 2010

I am the Lahey live donor liver widow.   Those of us left behind by the senseless death of a live liver or kidney donor; our voices must be heard. The dark side of organ donation, be it live or cadaver, is rarely made known to the public. People only want to hear the sunny …

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More on Living Liver Donor Paul Hawkes and Lahey

First is Dan Walter’s blog, entitled “Profiles in Medical Ethics”, with the post “The Death of Number 215” referring to Paul Hawkes as Lahey’s 215th live liver donor surgery. Dan is also the author of “Collateral Damage”, about his wife’s death by ablation at Johns Hopkins.   Secondly, Lahey’s surgical team, Pomfret and Pompeselli, are …

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Liver Donor Paul Hawkes Death Goes Public

Some of you will have a tingle of recognition when you read this story because of Lorraine’s comments on this blog. What happened to her and her family is far more tragic than this CNN article can begin to communicate, and it’s unfortunate too many of the commenters are such ignorant, judgmental and inhuman buttheads. …

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Liver Donor’s Death Followed by His Recipient’s

Last year, two living liver donors died: the Arnold case in Colorado and another at Lahey Clinic in Boston. Less than one year later, the recipient has died as well. This is the obituary that ran in the Boston newspapers: Timothy Paul Wilson, age 58, of Pelham, NH, passed away on the morning of May …

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