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Media Coverage of Living Donation

In a group (supposedly) for living organ donors, a person who serves as a kidney broker*, helping would-be recipients locate willing stranger donors, deluges the membership with the ‘happy’ donor stories so prolific in the news. One of the more recent quoted the kidney saying that donating ‘was no big deal’. I remarked with these …

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Ten Year Kidney Donor Data Causes a Scandal

Recently, I posted information from the Swiss Living Donor Registry on the health and well-being of kidney donors ten years post-donation. Well, it seems that the researchers at the registry, who owe their paychecks and employment to the Swiss government, are more than a little ticked off about their numbers being made public. As I …

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Another NY Times living kidney donor transplant article, all about the recipient

Nina Bernstein this time, celebrating that undocumented immigrant Angel finally got his kidney transplant. His living donor wasn’t his wife, but his brother, who is ALSO an undocumented immigrant. As with Mr. Kevin Sack, I sent her an email through the NY Times website. Since I’ve yet to hear a peep from Kevin, I don’t …

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Open Letter to Ann Work: A Kidney is not a Spare

Ms. Work, I just read your story on Ms. Silvestri’s living kidney donation (found here), and found the misconceptions and errors contained therein to be highly disturbing.   1. A kidney is not a spare. While one can function without an arm, or eye, no one would consider the second a ‘spare’ and no one …

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Uproar Over Denied Kidney Transplant Completely Overlooks the Prospective Living Donor

The story of Jesus Navarro, the undocumented immigrant (aka illegal resident-slash-alien, whatever term seems to be in vogue these days), who was denied a kidney transplant due to his not-legal residential status and uncertain ability to obtain follow-up care and anti-rejection medications, has been big news of late. I chose not to comment because it …

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