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If Every Transplant Center Says It, It Must Be True

Subtitle: Or it isn’t, but they say it anyway…   Recently, Google Alerts dropped the University of Wisconsin Medical Center’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Living Kidney Donor” in my lap (or inbox). The exaggerations and misleading statements on the page are worthy of multiple blog posts, but right now I want to …

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Bring On the Living Kidney Donation Propaganda Machine

Anyone who’s paid even a little attention to the transplant industry understands there’s a lot of questionable vocabulary around the whole thing (Donate Life, Be the Match, Give the Gift of Life, Be a Hero, etc), and those of us who live in a post-Mad Men era know that marketing is often less than truthful. …

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Living Kidney Donors Still Can’t Obtain Health Insurance

The NY Times blog took some time to present yet another way we living living donors are being screwed by our own generosity: some of us can’t get health insurance. (Read the article here)   What’s sad is that this problem isn’t new. NATCO (the self-proclaimed ‘organization for transplant offiicials’) issued a statement in May …

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Living Kidney Donors, Cardiovascular Mortality, & Lifespan

From 1963-2007, there were a total of 2269 living kidney donors in Norway with a mean age of 47.6 +/- 12.6 years at the time of donation (41.3% male). Median observation time: 14.3 years. 324 LDs died during study period, but the cause of death was only available for the first 274 because the database …

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Reading Between the Lines

It seems that every time a ‘significant’ research study is released, the media goes all hob-nob in reporting how great the results are. Too often the miss the finer points, issues that academics and scientists know are important and often lead to additional studies, but the average layperson (including the journalist reporting it) gloss over …

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