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How to Eliminate Some Living Donation Related Costs

Note: Typical with most recently published studies, I’m only able to see the abstract for this one.   Authors collected info from 194 living kidney donors enrolled in the KDOC study. “Most LKDs (n=187, 96%) reported one or more direct costs, including ground transportation (80%), healthcare (24%), lodging (17%) and air transportation (14%)…..Higher total costs …

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Living Kidney Donors and Insurance Issues – Again

Emphasis mine, of course:   Among 395 donors who changed or initiated health insurance after donation, 27 (7%) reported difficulty; among those who reported difficulty, 15 were denied altogether, 12 were charged a higher premium and 8 were told they had a preexisting condition because they were kidney donors. Among 186 donors who changed or …

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Living Kidney Donors Still Can’t Obtain Health Insurance

The NY Times blog took some time to present yet another way we living living donors are being screwed by our own generosity: some of us can’t get health insurance. (Read the article here)   What’s sad is that this problem isn’t new. NATCO (the self-proclaimed ‘organization for transplant offiicials’) issued a statement in May …

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State of Living Kidney Donation in Europe

Like all such academically published articles, there’s good and bad.   The good? Admitting that transplant centers benefit financially and otherwise from living kidney donor transplants: We must also mention that the higher the number of transplantations, the better the reputation for the transplant centre. Furthermore, in some centres, the number of transplantations is so high that it is …

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Uproar Over Denied Kidney Transplant Completely Overlooks the Prospective Living Donor

The story of Jesus Navarro, the undocumented immigrant (aka illegal resident-slash-alien, whatever term seems to be in vogue these days), who was denied a kidney transplant due to his not-legal residential status and uncertain ability to obtain follow-up care and anti-rejection medications, has been big news of late. I chose not to comment because it …

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