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Anemia and Kidney Function

A living kidney donor recently asked me if there was a connection between kidney donation and anemia. Because I’m not a walking encyclopedia, I put my google-fu to work and learned a lot along the way. An analysis of NHANES III found that a GFR <60 was associated with a lower hemoglobin level and a higher …

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Low Kidney Function Associated With Cognitive Impairment

“Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has a well-established association with impairment on neurocognitive tests, particularly measures of frontal/executive function” “MCI [Mild Cognitive Impairment] is a transitional state between normative cognitive aging and dementia. MCI is  often divided into amnestic (aMCI) form, with reduced memory performance and nonamnestic forms (naMCI), with reduced performance in cognitive domains other …

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Post-Operative Kidney Function in Living Kidney Donors vs. Renal Cell Cancer

The authors compared 94 pairs of living kidney donors and folks who underwent nephrectomy due a cancerous kidney tumor. Median pre-nephrectomy GFR was nearly equal for both groups. But:   In living kidney donors, median eGFR decreased by 34.4 % immediately after surgery. Compared with matched RN-patients, immediate postoperative [kidney function] is significantly more pronounced.   …

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Losing a Whole Kidney vs. Part of One Matters

I’ll let the authors begin:    It is clear  that Chronic Kidney Disease  (GFR <60mls/min) is associated with reduced  life  expectancy,  partly  due  to  an  increased  risk  of  cardiovascular  disease.   Are we clear? Reduced kidney function = increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Try to remember that when a member of the transplant industry tries to say that living kidney donors have no increased risk …

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Hyperfiltration Post-Donation Associated With Body Size

74 living kidney donors had their single kidney function (SK-GFR) measured before donation (mean=54.2-54.6), and the remaining kidney post-donation [note: abstract doesn’t say when, post-donation]. Sk-GFR of remaining kidney showed significantly hyperfiltration by 33.6 % after kidney donation. The the researchers divided the LKDs into three groups: low SK-GFR, meaning those whose SK-GFR didn’t change …

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