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Anemia and Kidney Function

A living kidney donor recently asked me if there was a connection between kidney donation and anemia. Because I’m not a walking encyclopedia, I put my google-fu to work and learned a lot along the way. An analysis of NHANES III found that a GFR <60 was associated with a lower hemoglobin level and a higher …

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Cardiovascular Changes Shown in Living Kidney Donors

It’s well established that a reduction in kidney function (GFR) significantly increases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease and death. It’s all known that folks in all stages of chronic kidney disease are at risk for heart troubles. Finally, a few researchers got together and decided to look at how living kidney donor’s hearts change post-nephrectomy. …

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American Society of Transplant Surgeons Winter Symposium 2015 Abstracts

Read ’em all here folks: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ajt.13164/pdf   Long-Term Living Donor Outcomes: When To Say No Dorry Segev (Pg. 43). “The risks of donation are real. And serious. And attributable to donating. In other words, there are things that might happen to an individual if he donates that would not happen to that individual had he not …

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Heart Changes One Year Post-Kidney Donation

Unfortunately, I can’t get access to the entire article ($$$) so this is from the abstract. 38 living kidney donors were included in the study.   “The mean serum interleukin-6 levels, both at 3 months and 12 months, were significantly increased as compared to the baseline (P=0.007 and P<0.001, respectively).”   Interleukin-6 stimulates inflammatory and …

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Losing a Whole Kidney vs. Part of One Matters

I’ll let the authors begin:    It is clear  that Chronic Kidney Disease  (GFR <60mls/min) is associated with reduced  life  expectancy,  partly  due  to  an  increased  risk  of  cardiovascular  disease.   Are we clear? Reduced kidney function = increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Try to remember that when a member of the transplant industry tries to say that living kidney donors have no increased risk …

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