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Kidneys and Vitamin D

Here’s a valuable piece of information you probably don’t know: Kidneys help synthesize Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only essential in regulating phosphorus and calcium, which builds strong bones, but it also┬ábolsters the immune and neuromuscular system, and plays a major role in the life cycle of cells. According to one study: “Vitamin D …

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Living Kidney Donors Experience Bone Changes

I can only see the abstract, and this is far from perfect, but at least it acknowledges that living kidney donors *do* see changes in bone density metabolism. That, in itself, is a shift from the whole “don’t worry, you can donate a kidney and continue on your merry way with ┬áno worries”. Unfortunately, only …

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Lose Nephrons, Risk Bones

Potential living kidney donors are generally woefully uneducated about the functions of the renal system. One of the lesser known functions of the kidneys is to regulate Vitamin D, which is important for calcium and bone strength. As this abstract states: “Reports from preclinical models provide a mechanism for surgically induced nephron loss leading to …

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