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Living Kidney Donor Blood Pressure, Plasma Arginine & Glomerular Filtration Rate

Two living kidney donor related publications hit the google alerts this weekend.   The first, from Serbian researchers, observes that not only does renal function (GFR) decrease abruptly following live donor nephrectomy, so does plasma arginine.   Arginine is an animo acid. It plays an important role in cell division, wound healing (which requires cell …

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LKD Eval Document’s Notes on Hypertension, Proteinuria and GFR

Thirty pages is a lot to filter through, especially if one is lacking context or familiarity with the process or vocabulary of transplant. But where this document becomes interesting and somewhat important is in its appendicies. The information about hypertension, proteinuria, kidney function (GFR) etc, is more than is shared with prospective living donors and …

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