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Open Letter to Luis Fabregas

Last month, Luis Fabregas from the Pittsburgh Tribune penned this article about the implementation of OPTN’s newest living donor evaluation requirements. I sent Mr. Fabregas my thoughts on his article, but he declined to respond. Here’s what I wrote:   Luis, I’ve been following your articles on transplant related issues for a number of years. While …

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Kidney Donors Over 60 Have Good Recipient Results

A single transplant center analysis of 181 living kidney donors categorized by age revealed that “donor age…was not a risk factor for patient or graft survival”. The death-uncensored graft survival rates in the 3 subgroups (.39; 40-59; 60+) were 64.5%, 76.0% and 90.9%, respectively, whereas their mean estimated glomerular filtration rates 1 year after transplantation were 40.7 …

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Living Kidney Donor Consent Forms Don’t Make It Easy to Opt-Out

  These researchers’ abstract pretty much says it all (emphasis mine): Ethicists and guidelines have suggested that potential living kidney donors who withdraw from evaluation be offered an ‘alibi.’ We sought to determine what potential living kidney donors are told about their ability to opt out, alibi availability and postwithdrawal confidentiality. We reviewed 148 consent …

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Liver Donors Suffer Emotionally Post-Transplant

Even I was pretty shocked by the breadth and depth of this one. South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries perform a lot more living liver donations than the U.S. because deceased donor livers are unavailable (or in very short supply). I’ve been well aware of the possible detrimental psychological and emotional consequences of living …

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Transplant Industry’s Role in Illegal Organ Trade

I’ve written about Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes before. The writer of this article asks the right question: why is no one listening to her?   Regarding her time at a 1995 conference in Bellagio, Italy (emphasis mine): One [transplant] surgeon told her that he knew of patients who had traveled to India to purchase kidneys. She …

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