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Take 10 Minutes to Listen To This

Art Caplan and Nancy Schepler-Hughes talk about organ trafficking. http://www.armoudian.com/log/scholars-circle/the-scholars-circle-radio-march-23rd-2014/     Also – read how Nancy tried to tell every law enforcement and public policy agency about Rosenbaum’s kidney trafficking ring, and no one would listen here.

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Why Recovered Deceased Donor Kidneys Are Discarded

One of the dirty secrets of the so-called organ shortage is the number of deceased donor kidneys recovered but not utilized (aka ‘discarded’). OPTN acknowledged this issue a couple of years ago when they proposed major kidney allocation changes, and closer examination of the issues has continued since. The authors examined the national records from …

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Letter to Editor: Where’s the Care for Living Donors?

[note: is it sad that I'm more impressed/surprised/pleased a newspaper actually published this than I am about what was said?] Letter to the editor: ‘Heroic’ organ donors need aftercare It is gratifying that Gary Rutter received a long-awaited kidney and that Hallie Twomey has found solace in donating one of hers (“Six linked patients, three …

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Weill Cornell Medical College’s Living Kidney Donor Resources, part i

Google Alerts dropped Cornell’s website into my inbox recently (which means they must’ve updated it). First is this, the typical pro-living donor propaganda we’ve come to expect, which includes: The majority of studies have found that: – The risk to a donor’s physical health is minimal in both the short-term (surrounding the surgery) and long-term …

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Living Liver Donor Evaluation Consent Forms Deficient

We contacted each of the 41 US centers that performed at least one living donor liver transplant in 2011. Twenty-six centers shared their consent form for living donor evaluation (response rate: 70%). We found that 57% of the centers included the 9 mandated CMS elements. Although the OPTN guidelines are non-binding, 78% of the centers …

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