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The Latest on Iran’s Kidney Market

In short: Iranian paid unrelated donors have lower quality of life and higher incidence of microalbuminuria compared with related [unpaid] donors.    From an editorial in the same journal issue: …their identification of a difference in microalbuminuria postnephrectomy between paid and unpaid donors fuels concerns that the clinical evaluation of donors may be compromised when …

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Paying for Kidneys – One More Time (for the last time)

Once again, the idea of paying folks for kidneys is making the rounds of media outlets, so once again I’ll voice my well-researched and considered thoughts on the matter – probably for the last time. Any further discussion of this topic will result in a link to this very post, because I am SO TIRED …

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How Journals Portray Organ Donation

  This refers to deceased organ donation, but based on my copious files and two short analyses I’ve done of articles arriving via google alerts, this is applicable to living donation as well.   In their book¬†Spare Parts, published in 1992, Fox and Swazey criticized various aspects of organ transplantation, including the routinization of the …

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U.S. Transplant Centers’ Informed Consent Forms Are Deficient

The authors examined written informed consent forms from 148 U.S. transplant centers to assess their compliance with OPTN and CMS regulations passed in 2007.   Results: ¬†…most centers’ evaluation consent forms do not include all CMS and OPTN requirements. Multiple items balancing donor and recipient interests and confidentiality were omitted. In addition, information about payment …

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Blunt Honesty in a Living Kidney Donor Study Abstract

From Chauhan et. al. doi: 10.1097/TP.0b013e3182a2b455 The acceptance criteria used for living kidney donors are largely theoretical, as they are not clearly linked to outcomes. Thanks for the reminder!

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