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No folks, it’s not as easy as “save a life, get a new belly button”

So a transplant surgeon is using the pages of The Atlantic to promote living donation. You know, five years of this BS has been exhausting. No matter what seems to happen, the transplant industry keeps perpetuating the same recipient-centered propaganda and the media complies without question. I’ve lost count of how many reporters I’ve contacted …

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Take 10 Minutes to Listen To This

Art Caplan and Nancy Schepler-Hughes talk about organ trafficking. http://www.armoudian.com/log/scholars-circle/the-scholars-circle-radio-march-23rd-2014/     Also – read how Nancy tried to tell every law enforcement and public policy agency about Rosenbaum’s kidney trafficking ring, and no one would listen here.

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Why Recovered Deceased Donor Kidneys Are Discarded

One of the dirty secrets of the so-called organ shortage is the number of deceased donor kidneys recovered but not utilized (aka ‘discarded’). OPTN acknowledged this issue a couple of years ago when they proposed major kidney allocation changes, and closer examination of the issues has continued since. The authors examined the national records from …

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Letter to Editor: Where’s the Care for Living Donors?

[note: is it sad that I'm more impressed/surprised/pleased a newspaper actually published this than I am about what was said?] Letter to the editor: ‘Heroic’ organ donors need aftercare It is gratifying that Gary Rutter received a long-awaited kidney and that Hallie Twomey has found solace in donating one of hers (“Six linked patients, three …

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Weill Cornell Medical College’s Living Kidney Donor Resources, part i

Google Alerts dropped Cornell’s website into my inbox recently (which means they must’ve updated it). First is this, the typical pro-living donor propaganda we’ve come to expect, which includes: The majority of studies have found that: – The risk to a donor’s physical health is minimal in both the short-term (surrounding the surgery) and long-term …

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