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The Ethics of a Pre-Diabetic Living Kidney Donor

Diabetes accounts for 44% of end-stage kidney disease in the US (per USRDS). Apparently, Mexico is no different. What is different is that three Mexican researchers penned an article, published in a Medical Ethics journal, that criticizes the use of pre-diabetic folks as living kidney donors. (emphasis mine)   In prediabetic persons there are well¬†known …

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How Not to Define Safety, Transplant Industry

The focus of this Egyptian transplant center study was the 8 living kidney donors who experienced kidney failure, as opposed to their overall 2000 LKDs. In the discussion section, however, the authors talked about *all* the donors, saying that 22% developed hypertension. Let’s remember, hypertension is second to diabetes in causing kidney failure.   Then …

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“Autonomy” doesn’t mean what you think it does, transplant industry

I stopped reading articles claiming to be about the ‘ethics’ of living organ donation long ago, because they all justify the systemic neglect and harm of living donors by citing “patient autonomy”. They conveniently forget that our greater responsibility is not to hurt someone: not if they put themselves in a position to be hurt, …

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No folks, it’s not as easy as “save a life, get a new belly button”

So a transplant surgeon is using the pages of The Atlantic to promote living donation. You know, five years of this BS has been exhausting. No matter what seems to happen, the transplant industry keeps perpetuating the same recipient-centered propaganda and the media complies without question. I’ve lost count of how many reporters I’ve contacted …

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Take 10 Minutes to Listen To This

Art Caplan and Nancy Schepler-Hughes talk about organ trafficking. http://www.armoudian.com/log/scholars-circle/the-scholars-circle-radio-march-23rd-2014/     Also – read how Nancy tried to tell every law enforcement and public policy agency about Rosenbaum’s kidney trafficking ring, and no one would listen here.

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