Potential Kidney Donors Are Ambivalent

According to this Irish transplant center. 15.5% of potential LKDs voluntarily writhdrew from the evaluation process. However, the number is actually higher than they’re reporting. Apparently, In Ireland, if multiple potential LKDs come forward for a recipient and they are all acceptable blood and HLA matches, only *one* is permitted to continue with the evaluation …

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How Many Living Kidney Donors Were Obese Pre-Donation?

47,705 adult living kidney donors as reported to OPTN from 1999 to 2011 were analyzed using their pre-donation BMI (body mass index) 35.6% were normal weight. 40.5% were overweight 18.9% were mildly obese 4.2% were moderate to morbidly obese Overweight and mildly obese kidney donors have increased through time by 12% and 20% every 5 …

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Transplant Wait List Watch 2016 #2

As of 8:03 pm May 10, 2016, OPTN says there are 77,617 folks on the active US transplant wait list. That’s a .62% decrease since March 18, 2016, and a 7.3% increase since this project began on April 19, 2011.   There are 108,046 registrants on the kidney wait list (active and inactive) and 100,102 …

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Left Kidney Donation Preference

During living kidney donation, the left kidney is most often taken because the right kidney rests behind the liver. In simple terms, it’s easier to access the left kidney. But it also appears that the left kidney has a longer renal vessel than the right (an important consideration that is rarely, if ever, mentioned during …

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Kidney Donors Suffer More Pain

The authors compared 30 living kidney donors with 30 other individuals who underwent a nephrectomy (kidney removal) because of a tumor. They found that living kidney donors experienced more pain than the comparison group, and they asked for (and were given) more pain medications. Wang, J., Fu, Y., Yuan, T., & Wang, N. (2015). Comparison …

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