Living Kidney Donors Face Higher Risk of Pre-Eclampsia During Pregnancy

A new study says that women who have donated a kidney are at higher risk of developing gestational hypertension or a potentially dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancies that follow the donation.

Women who have donated a kidney face an 11 per cent risk of developing one of these conditions; for women who have both kidneys, it’s a five per cent chance.

Pre-eclampsia (the precursor to full-blown eclampsia) is a marked by a trio of classic symptoms — fluid retention, headaches and high blood pressure. While it can be fatal if untreated, ending the pregnancy by inducing delivery or performing a caesarean section will cure the condition.


Read more: http://www.ices.on.ca/Publications/Journal-Articles/2014/January/Gestational-hypertension-and-preeclampsia-in-living-kidney-donors

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